Sneak Peek into the Life of an Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t so much a mystery. We help you take a closer look at the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

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Sneak Peek into the Life of an Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur! What is it like? Some find it fascinating as it’s a brilliant opportunity to be one’s, own boss. A cash cow can mean a luxurious entrepreneurial lifestyle! Entrepreneurship offers a chance at leaving a legacy — with an idea and some investment. Soon enough, there is the milieu of a shared mission, team expansion, meetings, growth, profits and so on. The story is appealing. This memoir by the creator of Nike is proof of it!

Others tend to look at the life of an entrepreneur with scepticism. It’s a shot at a better future with high risks. Entrepreneurs don’t have defined work hours. It’s difficult to succeed amidst cut-throat competition. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of stress. These are not incorrect statements either. And it’s confirmed in this book by entrepreneur Ben Horowitz.

A 2018 survey says that 9% of global students want to become entrepreneurs post their studies. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we bet the interest in entrepreneurship has only increased. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply curious about entrepreneurship, we hope this information helps.

Without further ado, we give you a sneak peek into the life of an entrepreneur!

Table of Contents:

#1 Organized at Work

#2 People Person

#3 Get the job done on time!

#4 Strive to Thrive

#5 Extremely Motivated

#6 What Next?

#7 They have families too!

Let’s get into action mode!

#1 Organized at Work

Staying organized is key to success in an entrepreneurial lifestyle. You’ll observe this trait in entrepreneurs who work all by themselves and those who work in teams. The solopreneur categorizes work based on priority and gets them done.

life of an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs with teams delegate their work according to the resources and skill set available. They usually have a good understanding of their team’s strengths and challenges. This helps them be an efficient organizer at work.

These folks need to accomplish a million things in a day. With meticulous planning, they have it covered. Productivity is rarely affected except for the occasional chaos.

Need some tips to stay organized in your entrepreneurship journey? It’s here!

#2 People Person

Entrepreneurs, including solopreneurs, know that they can’t do everything by themselves. A solopreneur, for instance, will still have to engage with vendors. Let’s take a closer look at the numerous entrepreneurs around us. They are all people who enjoy building relationships.

The life of an entrepreneur depends on these relations. So, they put in the effort to nurture them. It’s as if one is setting up a new family. Entrepreneurs ensure that they share responsibilities and assign accountability. They even offer a safe space to disagree.

a day in the life of an entrepreneur

Give a thorough reading of this Forbes list of things every leader does. Notice how the things listed are all people skills! Entrepreneurs believe that when their employees are happy, the enterprise thrives. Some have also hired a Chief Happiness Officer for the benefit of their employees! And entrepreneurs are responsible for the happiness officer’s happiness! Now you get the life of an entrepreneur?

(If you’re wondering what a Chief Happiness Officer does, check this out.)

But people skills are not limited to the team. It’s also about how entrepreneurs communicate with their customers! No wonder then that the CEO and co-founder of iD Fresh Food, Musthafa PC, calls himself a full-time Chief Customer Care Officer and a part-time CEO.

Simply put, entrepreneurs are nothing if not for people skills.

#3 Get the job done on time!

Entrepreneurs know that time is money. But they also know something done well with extra time is better than doing it clumsily on time.

They understand that a fine balance is required. It’s not that they come prepared with this knowledge. But as soon as they step into the life of an entrepreneur, they learn to assess any situation better. When it comes to time, they prefer to under promise and overdeliver.

entrepreneur life

Entrepreneurial lifestyle does not always allow them to follow a typical workweek schedule. They have no qualms spending extra time with the design or marketing teams. Refining strategy. Hiring the best. They know how to speed up if needed and get the job done.

This does not mean that they are not good at time management. Far from it — entrepreneurship requires maximum utilization of time. As a result, entrepreneurs value the time available and get a lot done in a day. This time chart also includes their ‘me-time’.

Here are some of the best time-management tricks from successful people. Several entrepreneurs swear by these tips.

Women entrepreneurs are crucial for economic development. There is also scientific proof that supporting women-owned businesses is the way to go if any country wants to boost its economy. Here‘s how women entrepreneurship can be promoted.

#4 Strive to Thrive

Entrepreneurship is a marathon. The breakpoints and the endpoint vary for different entrepreneurs. What’s common is that every sprint is significant. Running with passion, dedication, and caution every time. Sometimes, despite the best efforts, an entrepreneur may struggle in a sprint.

Various ups and downs mark the life of an entrepreneur. Nonetheless, their determination to succeed helps them get past obstacles. This determination finds its roots in their mindset to not just survive but to thrive!

entrepreneur lifestyle

Check out the inspiring tales of perseverance of these entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial lifestyle is more than the visible success. The next time you’re cheering for an entrepreneur, also find out how they persevered for success.

#5 Extremely Motivated

Would we spend hours on something we weren’t interested in? We might when forced to. But then would we be happy about it? Unlikely. This sets the life of an entrepreneur apart from the others. Their perseverance is deeply connected to their motivation.

Entrepreneurship requires an insane amount of time and effort. Entrepreneurs dedicate these willingly. Why? A strong motivation forms the basis of their entrepreneurship journey. This motivation is different for different entrepreneurs.

lifestyle entrepreneur

For some, it’s the ambition to steer life their way. For others, it’s a chance to leave a legacy behind. Many others view it as a means to help more people. The motivation varies. What’s common, though, is that the motivation is so intense. It becomes an inherent part of their entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Check out these top motivations for entrepreneurs. As you’ll see, it’s a strong force in them.

#6 What Next?

Entrepreneurs don’t have the financial cushion of a steady paying job. And they are responsible for the livelihoods of several others. If that scares you a tad, know that entrepreneurs live with that fear every day.

That fear becomes an inevitable part of the life of an entrepreneur. So, they channel the fear into something that motivates them to push the horizon. Entrepreneurs are always contemplating, ‘What Next?’

what does an entrepreneur do on a daily basis

This Instagram reel by entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala sums it up.

Entrepreneurship requires lifelong learning for sustenance. It’s important to continue exploring new markets, trends, customer experience, and competitors. It’s also essential to keep upskilling teams, upgrading technology, how teams connect and so on. An essential aspect of learning is unlearning what’s not useful. Like learning, unlearning too must never stop.

This article elaborates how lifelong learning is the key to successful entrepreneurship. Now you know why every successful entrepreneur is a lifelong learner.

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#7 They have families too!

The movies that we see portray entrepreneurs as busy people living out of a suitcase. Indeed, their schedules are often packed. But they are family people too! They may not be able to engage in every birthday, anniversary, school recital, etc. Still, they try hard to balance work and life.

How is the life of an entrepreneur

You are more likely to notice this in the enterprise’s policies than in the entrepreneur’s life. For instance, the rising social commerce platform Meesho is in the news for its new parental leave policy. They’ve introduced a 30-week gender-neutral leave policy for parents. It shows that entrepreneurs are catching up with changes in society.

Entrepreneurs acknowledge that their employees form an extended family. Their entrepreneurship journey cannot thrive if this extended family is not cared for. Take a look at these enterprises that emphasize work-life balance. Would this be possible if entrepreneurs weren’t family-oriented?

Those of us who us, it time for a bonus.

#Bonus — Habits for Success

If we took a microscopic look at the life of an entrepreneur, we would notice certain habits that they abide by. These are their habits for success. For many of them, it’s a daily affair.

What is entrepreneurship in everyday life

Forming habits is not an alien concept. But entrepreneurs seem to have mastered the power of habits. They use these habits to reinforce certain ideas or to learn from them. Clearly, they are reaping its benefits. You’ll find this article on unusual entrepreneurial tasks insightful. Some of the tasks mentioned make us wonder if it even befits the entrepreneurial lifestyle! But entrepreneurs are also people. So, it shouldn’t be surprising!

In short, entrepreneurship is a large pack of habits; each one is carefully chosen for success.


Entrepreneurs have unique stories about their journey, like all people. Still, some aspects are common among them and visible. That’s what makes them relatable to others. Any aspiring entrepreneur will find these aspects worthy of emulating.

What distinguishes an entrepreneur and sets them up for success is their unique traits. And one article will never be enough to describe them. Yet, we hope we’ve given you a good look into the life of an entrepreneur.

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