[Section 1] Lesson 2: The Forgetting Curve

Hello friends!
I hope everyone is in their top health at your end!
Today we will talk about the Evil Forgetting Curve and how it affects our learning cycle.

Research shows that within 1 hour, people forget an average of 50% of the information consumed.
Within 24 hours, an average of 70% of information is likely to be forgotten.
And within a week, about 90% of information is lost by the brain.

OMG! About 90% of the information that we consume today in this course is likely to be forgotten the following week.

Why it happens is a topic of neuroscience, and we will not go in-depth about it. But the critical question is what we can do to minimize the loss?


I do it myself and recommend all my students to make notes, preferably with paper and pen. Writing something with your hands improves the chances of your brain retaining it.
If you prefer to go fully digital, you can use a simple notepad or MS Word application and make notes in it.
I use a personal diary to make notes instead of a plain notebook as it keeps things interesting!
Secondly, before starting the learning for the day, look at the notes of the previous day. This simple revision improves the retention rate drastically.

These simple tips of making personal notes and revising them are a great habit to acquire, and in the long learn you will feel an incredible difference!

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Akash Kumar Goel


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