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amazon easy ship courier

To sell on any e-commerce platform, one needs the help of a strong logistics partner.

Such logistics partners should be able to deliver the product on a time-bound basis to our customers. Also, the delivery partner should Collect Cash from the customer as the COD option is trendy in the Indian e-commerce market.

The logistics partner should also provide reverse logistics services in case of rejections and returns.

Another critical point is that it should have a vast network of serviceable pin codes. This extensive network will enable you to process orders for maximum locations. As one courier partner can’t serve all areas, it is normal for sellers to maintain more than one logistics partner or work with aggregators.

Easy Ship Courier Service is a courier service exclusively available for Amazon Sellers for orders received through Amazon. It has extensive Pincode coverage, with the facility to collect Cash from Customers at the time of delivery and processing smooth customer returns.

Today we will try to understand the basics of working with Amazon Easy Ship Courier.

Basis of Charge

Amazon charges courier rates based on pickup and delivery pin code. For this, Amazon has divided India into four regions –

  • If the product moves within the same city, ‘Local’ Shipping rates will apply.
  • If the product moves within the same region but not in the same city, ‘Regional’ Shipping rates will apply.
  • If the product moves across regions, ‘National’ Shipping rates will apply.

Now that we understand the basis of charging courier rates under Easy Ship let’s look at Amazon’s rate card.

To Learn More About the Step Program, Click Here.

Concept of Charged Weight

As the term is self-explanatory, Charged Weight refers to the weight for which Amazon charges us for shipping our product to the customer.

Charged Weight = Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight, whichever is higher.

Actual weight is the weight of the packed product on the weighing scale.

Volumetric Weight = Length x Breadth x Height (in cms) / 5000

To understand these concepts with absolute clarity, let’s look at an order that we have received and how Amazon has calculated the Shipping Charge on it.

Master the art of processing amazon easy ship orders in these 3 simple steps. With examples and tips from an experienced seller.

The pickup address of this Seller falls In Uttarakhand. The delivery location is Kanpur, which comes under Uttar Pradesh Zone A. Both the pickup and delivery locations are under Region 1 only. Therefore, Amazon will charge ‘Regional’ shipping rates to deliver this order.

Now let’s book a slot for pick up of this package with Amazon.

After entering the actual weight and dimensions of the packed product, Amazon auto-calculates the Easy Ship Charge.

Let’s look at the detailed calculation of this shipping charge.

We can’t ship the following products through Easy Ship –

  • Any product weighing above 18 Kgs.
  • Any product with dimension in excess of 70cm x 70cm x 45cm.
  • Multi Package Shipments.
  • Certain Restricted Products & Hazmat Products. To check the complete list of products that can’t be shipped through Easy Ship, Click Here.

I hope this gives you a clear picture of the basis on which Amazon charges its courier charge from sellers. To understand how to process an Easy Ship Order, Click Here.

Some Bitter Truths about Amazon Transportation Services. From a distance, Amazon looks too professional to imagine that there are service lags in their system as well. Only an experienced seller who has faced the issues can better tell!

  1. Generally, Amazon pickup boys are on a per-piece basis. Therefore, they are always in a huge hurry to complete their work and go home.Though doing the work fast is good, there will be many instances where they will handle your packages like crap, which is very painful for a seller to see.
  2. Sometimes, an amazon pickup person will not come for pickup at the booked slot day and time. It might result in Amazon charging ‘Cancellation Charges’ from you.
  3. Sometimes, an Amazon pickup person will refuse to pick up the packets from your doorstep. He will ask you to deliver the packages to a particular location or the Amazon office.
  4. There are few instances when Amazon requires a Seller to process an order from an extreme location where delivery is not possible for Amazon Courier. The package will obviously come back after getting marked as ‘Undeliverable.’
  5. Amazon courier has strict dispatch deadlines, and delay in those results affects your metrics, and ultimately, Amazon deducts ‘Cancellation Charge’ from Seller’s payments. Though having metrics and penalizing bad sellers is necessary, being too strict adds to the misery of sellers.

If you face any issue from the pickup staff regularly, we recommend not to ignore it, as you are paying for the courier services, not getting them for free.

First, clarify to the pickup person that it is his duty to pick up the packages on time from the designated pickup point and handle them properly.

If the pickup person seems to be non-cooperative, immediately report the matter to Amazon. To understand how to communicate to Amazon for any issue under Help Section, Click Here.

We recommend you mention the name of the pickup person at fault, and if possible, click some pictures or make a video and attach it along with your case. Amazon takes better actions when you provide the proofs.

For the 4th & 5th point, there will be no benefit of contacting Amazon as Amazon is strict about their policies, and they will not change their policies for few sellers.

Though Amazon commits to reducing this by putting in place certain measures, in our opinion, these steps are not likely to give any results, as their primary focus is the customer.

It seems unfair for sellers, and it is, as many things in life are, but if we try to understand Amazon’s rules in depth, abide by them, and learn everything taught in this course, it is possible to minimize such extra losses.

I hope this gives a clear picture of Amazon’s Easy Ship Courier.

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