7 Tips to Take a Difficult Decision

How to Take a Difficult Decision

Table of Contents:

#1 Put Your Thinking Cap On

#1 Put Your Thinking Cap On

Put your thinking cap on
  • Ascertain what are you avoiding through a specific choice

#2 Beware of Analysis Paralysis

Beware of Analysis Paralysis — how to deal with a difficult decision
  • Meditate for a brief while and re-examine the situation with a more still/clear mind
  • Implement the 24-hr rule — give yourself a day’s rest and sleep upon your options before calling your shots

#3 Seek Help

While the final decision will remain yours, you could involve other people in the decision-making process. These could be your trusted persons, colleagues, or subject matter experts. Also, don’t restrict yourself to your known circle. Widen your search, if it helps.

Seek Help — how to decide a difficult decision

#4 Ask Yourself, ‘How will you feel about it?’

A good decision may not always seem logical. Nonetheless, in the continuum of life, the emotional outcome of a choice has its significance, and so, it’s okay if that emotion defies logic.

Ask Yourself, ‘How will you feel about it’ — how to make a decision between two things

#5 Tap into Your Subconscious

More often than not, you already know the answers you are seeking. The unwillingness to confront the consequences could be preventing you from acknowledging the appropriate course of action. In such instances, leave the decision-making to the subconscious mind.

Tap into Your Subconscious — how to make a difficult business decision

#6 Avoid Decision Fatigue

When you’re expected to make an essential and accurate decision, it’s advisable to be in a clear state of mind. A study showed that the mornings between 8 am to 1 pm are the best for such tasks — whether you’re a morning person or a night owl.

Avoid Decision Fatigue — how to make a difficult decision at work

#7 Get Creative with Your Mind

Here’s one of our favourite tips. Your mind is likely to go through several iterations with the decision to be taken. With every iteration, envision the outcome(s) for a choice; more importantly, cut off the drama that’s shaping up in your mind for each of those choices.

Get Creative with Your Mind — how to make a difficult career decision
how to make a difficult life changing decision



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