7 Tips to Convince Anybody: The Art of Persuasion

01 art of persuasion

Table of Contents:

#1 Power of Words

02 Influence

#1 Power of Words

Explaining something in a manner that gets your audience/target hooked is known as ‘Framing’. It involves crafting your arguments/pitch in a way that gets the recipients to agree with you. This framing is usually the first phase of persuasion, where you try and influence the audience to agree with your point of view. Words are a critical variable in this process. Your impact depends on how you use words to frame sentences, which sets the tone for the entire conversation.

03 Convince

#2 The Anchor Effect

Ever tried to guess someone’s age? Now suppose you bought a bar of chocolate for Rs.50 just before you were trying to guess someone’s age. You buying the chocolate for Rs. 50 will have a measurable impact on your guess, even though these two things are entirely unrelated.

04 Anchor Effect to Persuade

#3 Establish Credibility

People are more likely to be persuaded by somebody they trust.

05 modern persuasion

#4 Principle of Repetition

Wonder why you know the lyrics to a song like ‘Watermelon Sugar’ even when you have never actively listened to the song? But you often break into… ‘tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’… and it sounds just like a song…’ okay coming back, so why does this happen? Could it be because it is a viral ‘trend’ on Instagram and whether you want to end up listening to the song each time you open Instagram? Looks probable.

06 Repetition for persuasion

#5 Have Clarity and Conviction

07 best way to persuade

#6 Develop Curiosity (Principle of Scarcity)

The marketing strategy of creating scarcity (or the illusion of the same) of a product is used by marketers to influence the behaviour of consumers. This trick appeals to the Psychology of the consumer, thus generating interest in the product.

08 Scarcity to Influence

#7 Don’t be a Manipulator

Treading the thin line of difference between persuasion and manipulation is of utmost importance. At its core, persuasion is an ethical practice that has formed the foundation of modern-day counselling, legal systems, democratic nations. It is through persuasion that positive and tangible social change occurs.

09 Manipulate
10 best time of the day to persuade someone

#Bonus Tip (from the Father of Persuasion)

  • The Ethos, Pathos and the Logos: The Father of Persuasion, Aristotle coined Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Let us break it down for you:
Aristotle The Father of Persuasion



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